Dress Nominations

Why give away black dresses to women?

We believe every woman needs an outfit in which she can feel beautifully and appropriately dressed for any and every occasion. What better than a little black dress? This single item of clothing can be used for interviews, weddings, church and any other occasion they may need it for. There are people who surround us every day who face financial and emotional difficulties who could use a little extra encouragement. Not only is the black dress a practical, all-purpose item for their wardrobe, gifting these women with a dress is a simple token and reminder that they are clothed in love by God and this community. In order to nominate a woman in the community to receive a LBD, you will need to provide information on the form below. Explain our event to the women and in your own words share with her why you would like to nominate her.


* Nominee must be able to attend the event to receive the dress. (The dress will be given semi-privately at the event.)

* Whether they choose to receive a dress or not we would still love for them to attend. Remind them of door prizes, food, speaker, girl talkā€¦

* Event attire - Some people get really dressed up. Some are really casual and there is everything in between. Just come!

* Child care is available by reservation. Friends are also welcome to attend and we will reserve their spot too. Spaces are limited so rsvp soon and keep us updated on changes so we can open those spots to others.

* Attain their email so we can send them LBD details. Details are also on facebook.com/lbd.wearlove

* We will call back one- two weeks prior to the event to confirm their attendance.
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