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This devotional is a fun and feminine piece, creatively laid out like your favorite fashion magazine. In this magazine you will find 12 sections. Each section begins with a devotional that includes raw stories of real women as they lean into their relationship with Jesus for strength and wisdom to walk their runway of life in love. The devotional ends with a prayer and journal prompts to help the reader internalize the message, followed by an inspiration page packed with fun and meaningful content to inspire your closet and your spirit. It ends with four separate Design Board pages with space for guided journaling and daily scripture meditation to navigate the path of love with God’s Truth as our plumb line. Whether going through it in 12 weeks or 12 months, it is a fun and unique way to study and explore scripture as we endeavor to fully grasp what it means to Wear Love.


We discover from the Word of God that each of us have been designed in love to live a life of love, but how do we do that when the pain and stresses of life are constantly knocking on our door? This devotional journey is about allowing God to meet us where we are, knowing that His love is with us, and discovering ways to share that love with others. Walking through the 12 sections with a friend or a group is encouraged in order to get the most out of the journey; as we believe at Little Black Dress that we are better together. Be love, live loved, give love, and a legacy of immeasurable value will unfold in front of you. You, my friend, were designed in love to live a life of love. Are you ready?

Summer of Love

These Summer of Love videos are a fun way to walk through The Little Black Dress Magazine with a group or by yourself. The team digs a little deeper into the theme of each devotional while authentically sharing from their heart and the Word of God.

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