Little Black Dress Event


The Little Black Dress Event plans to give away 150 dresses and 3 awards to deserving women in our community.


Ladies are invited to attend The Little Black Dress Event on Saturday, Nov 4, 2023,  from 6pm-9pm at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center for an unforgettable evening celebrating women. The event features the Little Black Dress Give Away, Awards to women who stand out in the community, fashion show, inspiring speaker, and an evening showering women with entertainment, encouragement, and gifts; including a full, sit down dinner and dessert. All women 18 and older are welcome to attend with reservation.


The Little Black Dress Event was birthed out of an awareness of the great number of hurting women in our community. Our hope is that in caring for these women, we can impact entire families; in turn impacting our community. For over ten years, The Little Black Dress Event has been showing hundreds of Tulsa area women who are facing physical, financial or emotional challenges that they are truly loved. It is our mission to inspire women to outfit themselves in God’s love so that they can walk their individual runways of life with purpose, confidence, and joy… or as we like to say – Wear Love! It is difficult to put on love and give it away unless we first experience it; unless we believe we are loved. Through The Little Black Dress Event, it is our vision to serve women as we provide an evening showering them with love in order to bring healing and hope to all who attend.


In addition to nominating friends and neighbors to receive dresses, we are honored to partner with Warriors Refuge, DVIS, Flourish Homes, Crisis Pregnancy Center, Women in Recovery, Haven, and John 3:16 and many other organizations who work with women.  It is our privilege to bring hope and support to these women. During our event, we present these select women with a Little Black Dress of their own. Not only is the black dress a practical, all-purpose item for their wardrobe, gifting these women with a dress is a simple token and reminder that they are clothed in love by God and this community.


The Annual Little Black Dress Event has become a favorite “girls night out” for Tulsa women, resulting in over 500 RSVP’s at our last event. Whether there to support a nominee or to just sit back, relax, and enjoy an evening breakaway with friends, it is certain to be a joy to all who attend.


On behalf of our entire Little Black Dress Team, we look forward to this opportunity to serve the ladies of our community.

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